Challenge and Positivity

Dear Diary,

I wake up at 6.30am. Sun was shining..  I thought.. this is going to be great day..My surgery will be very successful.. I was expecting some pain but so far that didn’t happened.
But more so I was worried about Jay. She started exams today, first big one in her life.
I know she done a lot of studies …
Still, I worried that she  will  get to stressed and go blank.
This is what I post to her in the morning..


Hoping that will help her…

Later in the day.. asking her about exam she said.. “I was feeling only flushed, that’s all” what a relief I had.

Talking about feeling.. after surgery I slept for few hours and when I came fully aware.. I thought .. ” I’m good ha ha ha 😉 I didn’t see doctor after all  so there was  no news from him.. Nurses would not tell me any thing..!!  but I hope they went according to plan ha ha ha 😉 but knowing me there could be some drama 🙂 There is one thing for sure..  they forgot to do liposuction for me ha ha ha (there was no plan for one but I wish they did..) 😆 so stomach still not flat.. but I feel like my Personal Trainer must call  in the Surgical Ward because stomach hurts like I have done 800″s sit ups ha ha ha
Nurse came to me later it the day and hand me drugs.. They must be still working as I feel like a million dollars ha ha ha :o😱😍
This where I am right now.. Flowers from May.. my husband.. 😍


I’m planing to listen to my favorite music for few minutes and go to bed.
Chat to you tomorrow. I hope I will be as good as I am now. Good night

Love Kay ❤ xx

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