End is often new begining

Dear Diary,

I  was relaxing and sleeping  after my surgery, and I had to sort out my thoughts after Doctor told me that I have given them very hard time…
I stop breathing ..for minute..   Remember.. what I told you.. remember..  I felt that there was some drama according to my  sugary. I had that feeling.. and I was right..
Well my time is not up yet…so it’s time to celebrating..


I get up this morning… a bit sore but happy.. Happy to be alive.. to be able to feel hot air in the bedroom and hear lovely sound of rain outside.. I was smiling thinking.. “it’s so good to be tune in”.. I felt that today something good will come to me..

Came downstairs, got great welcome from  bunch of my lovely doggies Pixie,
Dixie and Gigi.

Jay was eating her cornflakes. She looked so sleepy.. May went to restroom as his morning ritual ☺
Me and Jay had few minutes to talk about her exams. She told me what her  plan was.. I’m glad that she is planing.. I think that’s so important to have plan… even short one for few hours but have plan.. I know plans are changing but with plan you don’t feel lost.. that’s what I do. Sometimes my plans change 360 degrees but I don’t mind that because that turn to something on expected and those on expected things either make you happy, sad or teaches you something.


Jay and May went to school and work.. I made my green tea cup. Made myself very comfortable on the couch.. check my phone… message.. checking who is that.. checking twice.. my brother.. We lost touch about year ago.. Year ago.. a lot happened that time.. good, bad.. all I can say.. great life lesson.. I’m so thankful now.. I was by the time..
Another story for another day..
All I was thinking at that moment..”I hope all at home OK”
Opened message and all went clear.. Brother asked me to help Mum.. asked me to buy her knees injections. They so expensive at home. That was ok. I was panic as Mum has lots of health issues.. She got diagnosed with Parkinson disease. So that’s so new for me. I’m researching that field…

Great.. I thought.. Mum is good.. so I start slowly talking to my brother. Expecting not too friendly reaction as last time we spoke that end it at exchange words.. not nice one but.. true one.. some people take true as something against them. So sad but again true..
At the end of our conversation we were friends again.. that’s exactly I need it today to feel full harmony.


Jay and May came home..  I made  effort to do butter squashnut and coriander soup. Everyone in the home love it.
There was no time for family dinner..
We had to pack and go campin.. I  know sound absolutely crazy.. I had surgery on Wednesday.. today is Friday.. but I was so excited.
May prepared all the stuff night before.. all we have to do just go.
For one small minute.. I worried.. would I be OK. But then I remembered conversation I have with my friend K.. he said to me “go enjoy and have fun..” He mean it  “Go with the flow”… He know what I do best…He know me  too well…and that’s so true. I go with the flow a lot… That’s keep me going and alive.
So of we went.. here now.. in my small tent.. Everyone sleeping.. only me awake.. rain make nice music for me.. I like that.. I like to be close to nature. I feel hard ground.. and that’s remind me of my childhood at the country side. That was amazing times.
I go to bed now..tomorrow early start again..  May’s big day.. Ultra Marathon… He was so stressed today.. I hope he will have hun. This things for me should be all about fun not competition.. but well . everyone is different..
Good night,


Love Kay ❤ xx

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