New day… new chance



Dear Dairy,

Last night was very late night. I listened to the rain, giggling to myself. And eventually fell asleep.
Tent was very cossie. May didn’t sleep hard and strong… as usually. I heard him twisting and turning. I thought ” he is thinking, thinking about long day… is he worry… I thought again…I hope he is OK.” My thoughts spin in my head as fast as May had to run next day. Morning came. May was so nervous and looking wrecked. All I could think of was. “I hope he is OK”
Race started, every runner in the forest had only one wish… to past finish line at the end.
Some of them did 100km, some of them shorter length but all of them put incredible effort to just start. Some people pushed their companions in the wheelchair, other disabled went by them self. Watching that it was miracle itself.


This was my second time watching Marathon…after first one I said “never again” and here I come… done that again. Race is like life… I  would say like life I had… run and push yourself to victory never look back.
That’s what I seen today when May came to finish line. Face full of sweat and victory in his eyes. I was so proud that he made it his 50km with his injured leg. It was great feeling to see him happy and proud as in case this never the case.
After rest we went home.. there is no place like home. Your own bed and bunch of loving very welcoming doggies.
I’m in bed right now.. all day was about running… I forgot about myself…but I’m OK. I told you Kay it’s always OK.

Tomorrow I promise myself to stay all day in bed…not sure how this going to work out… 😉 but if I do I tell you the story…story about me and my family.
Good night,
I wish deep and sweet sleep to my Jay and May. They well deserved. I  still see light in Jay’s room so need to go and check I bet she is still studying and May is fast sleeping right now.
Chat to you tomorrow
Love, Kay ❤ xx

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