All is good!

Dear Diary,

Last night went to bed at 4.30 in the morning… What in the name of God I was doing… I don’t know..  🙂
I was reading, writing and thinking… Sometimes I have like that.


This morning some lady ask me how I get on and how I’m feeling after surgery, Good question?  I asked myself and  reply to her.. ” Great,  concidering I went to bed at 4am”
I got asked what did you do at that hour of the night?
I said to her that ..with great book or great company time just fly. Book I  was reading was very interesting.. It was about lad talking about his depression.. She looked me and she said.. “my sweet Lord, who is reading that kind of books at that hour ?!”… I do.
It’s worth to be able to understand another person. I read good few of those kind of books. Same subject, different experience. Hopefully I won’t be able to feel what depression is like but I just want to have a bit of knowledge, that’s all. The more we know the easier life can be. In my opinion anyway.


I seen a lot of mental struggle.. but I couldn’t help. Now when I have some research done.. lots of homework and few years of collage done. I feel more able to take and handle it.

I think I’m ready to tell the story.. My story.. it’s going to be long.. be prepared…


Love Kay ❤️ Xx

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