Me before You


Dear Diary,

Well again…

I don’t  know what to say…

Every time I loose hope for better time or better things… Things just happen 🙂
Me,Jay and two other friends went to cinema. Went to see “Me before You”
I knew  this film is sad but actually was funny and very sad at the same time.
I’m going to put few quotes from the film…I love them so much and they so true.

This film shows that everyone can do whatever they want to do…They just need to be determined and push, that’s all. All secret is to be positive and see goodness in others. This film shows that our actions bounce on other people action and I know this is only film but every film can be like life or every life can be like film. There is always story behind.

I want to tell you what happened to me on Tuesday. As I told you before May have good and bad days like we all but his sometimes last longer then usual. So what happened to me…
First time in my life May surprised me. I didn’t suspect any thing that he plan. I’m still in shock over that. I don’t know if I’m in shock that for once he wasn’t selfish or that remedies have massive power and that was clear evidence of it. But he done something what I will never forget. He bought  me two chairs and trolley for my work… I was speechless.. I was in shock..  I did badly need them for last few months but I saved  all my money and bought him bike for his birthday instead.

Today when I watched this film I realised that  I was putting May always before myself for last twenty years. He was always before me. I put him at first.
I think it was worth all of that. I felt amazing looking at his face, he was so proud of himself and I was proud of him.
I can’t describe feeling attached to it. I still  have this feeling on my skin.
Believe me or not next morning after I got my pressie I went downstairs to make sure that wasn’t a dream. No, it was real. So those things are happening but we just need to truly believe.

We can’t judge people for what they do, who they are or for their actions. We need to  get to know them. Even if we know them still there is always other side. Good side of them.

Love, Kay ❤xx

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