Long week 


Dear Diary,

Long week…

There was no excitement, pure routine almost boring life.
There has  to be weeks like that but I’m sure if I had plan for last few weeks things would been better and more organised.
So now I come with plan for this new week…
Main thing for me is to get back to my activities, exercise and diet. I really want to go back to the shape I had last year. Since last July I gain a lot of weight and that’s my highest wight for last 12 years. This bother me a good bit. I’m hoping that now after my surgery and not much stress about May and his stuff, I can
look after myself.

Jay is great girl she cook for me when I’m busy. She always try to stop me from eating crap foods. I’m glad that I have her. She is not only my daughter, she is my best friend. She is so kind and beautiful even though sometimes moody(well, will forgive her that, I was the same at her age 🙂 ) when I looked her I see myself. It’s scary how these things works, when I looked at my mum I can see myself in her too. I wonder is it genes, blood or just learn behavior??

I definitely think that this is mixture of everything. I’m glad that I went thru all my experiences because I can reflect on it. Sometimes I smile and other times I get tears in my eyes… but those tears are happy tears, happy that I went thru life and learn so much.Some people go thru  different experience and gain nothing, every day is new lesson, take it, learn and accept.

I accept what is given to me. Sometimes take me longer sometimes shorter but always accept.

I’m still not accepting my weight so I try to change it but I promise myself that if I’m good for next few months ( healthy eating and exercises) and weight still the same I will accept the way I am. If I loose weight that will be my another success.
12years ago I lost 30kg in three months but I set my mind for it. 🙂
I came to Ireland with attitude that I will live great life and I will look my best. I did it that time.
I know 30kg in three months a bit mad, not health and not very realistic but I wasn’t starving, I was walking about 15km or more a day and I eat lots of salads, very little carbs and non process foods. Also I missed Jay as she was home in Poland with my mum and sister.
I think that’s real secret of been health avoid processed food but it’s hard.. life is too busy and those type of food are very convenient.. unfortunately! This is my down fall.. I know that but now no excuse. I’m attacking  this 🙂
So that’s the plan 🙂 I would forgot I have plan to make up my garden…painting,tailing and planting and result of have lovely September evenings outside( hopefully midges won’t eat us alive hahaha)
I have to tell now, May and Jay  already start painting  for me yesterday… garden wall is of white with grey tint. Wall looks very good. I can’t wait for all to be finished.. I know, I need to be patient… So…

This morning decide to go for spin to very posh shopping center Kildre Village ( a bit like Woodbury Common in NY)  . I like when they have sale as prices are reasonable.

Today everyone got some little bits and bobs 🙂 and surly we couldn’t miss visit to Dublin. I like shopping but I love pubs and restaurants there, atmosphere and foods are die for 🙂 remind me of Cracow. Dublin is full  of vegan and vegetarian lovely bars. I love falafel in “Umi” highly recommend.
We always take our doggies with us… poor things all got sick today, they must have stomach bug 😦 and they were so tired all day long.

Thankfully we heading home now and everyone will get rest. I can’t wait for tomorrow.


Love Kay ❤ xx

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