New changes

Dear Diary,

New week.

My second week of new changes.

This week I want to be even more focused then ever.

I get up.. unfortunately too much TV yesterday so wake up with headache. I think that’s still my detox I hope that will go away soon as I don’t remember when last I had headaches. Must be years ago.

This morning I went for one day course.
Title of event “Mission in life”

What I was expecting from it..
I think I was expecting to get some guidelines and it’s going to be easy and simple day. It was an amazing day fulfil with great positive energy but I found it hard work. I suppose working on yourself by yourself it is hard work. There is nothing easy about it.

I learn today to name my talents, to talk about my strengths and weaknesses. I have now learn turn negatives to positives. This so powerful thing.
I was amazed how we look at things and for e.g how fear can change to courage if you only change way of thinking.
When I came back from course I had to work for awhile. My last lady had to get hair done for her interview tomorrow. She was telling me how she was afraid and I was glad to tell her about my new knowledge. She was so delighted. I hope she get the job but more importantly I hope that her fear will be replace with courage. I belive that things happen for a reason and this time was the same. She said that” she came on the right day and perfect time”

I’m feeling blessed that I can do something like that for others. This feeling make me more encouraged to help others.
I’m going to bed now. Hoping for another fab day and a week.

Love Kay ❤ xx

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