Happy Times

Dear Diary,
It’s a long time since I have been sitting down and writing… I miss that so much but my life has been very busy. I don’t even know where to start…
Well so…
Firstly… all decorations and painting has been successfully finished. There is very nice feeling to be able sit down with cuppa of green tea and look around… all looks fabulous… paint on the walls light grey actually called “Midnight Iris” from Dulux. I was wondering why is it this name but I know now… in the light look a bit purple. I have to say… I love it. May did great job of all of it, He painted not only living room but also kitchen and rest of the house. I’m so impressed with him. But that’s not everything… I wanted to change my sofa and get armchairs to make room visually bigger …and guess what???

My birthday was two weeks ago and May surprise me… brought me to Ikea… my favourite place. Now we all can rock in the armchairs… even my dogs love sitting on them.
I’m still in shock… and I don’t know which surprised me more … fact that last twenty years I didn’t get surprises by May or the one that May is doing very well… I see that he finally feels tune in with the family, with world around him but mainly and most importantly TUNE IN WITH HIMSELF. This is the most important… to be able TO BE HAPPY, this is my opinion but I hope someone may think like myself.


So…I’m thankful for what I have!!

That’s not all the surprises and gifts he had for me???!! Yesterday he got me my own and only my laptop… it’s not “Apple” but I’m over the moon and stars anyway.


I can’t believe this is all happening… I afraid that I am going to wake up form this lovely dream. Truth is that… life can be nice, lovely and exciting if we only work towards that.
Second think I want to share is that I am doing really well on my new healthy lifestyle. I have to confess that I was bold few times… but I’m learning slowly.
In last six weeks on Slimming World I lost nine pounds. It’s not a lot but I’m getting there slowly. I have long road ahead of me but at the end results will pay off. I will be happier, healthier and slimmer. This is my goal for the next few months.
I need to decide what I will do this year as I’m not going back to college. I’m sure I’ll miss it but also know that I will have an interesting year ahead of me.


Well, I didn’t say much about Jay…
Jay started new school year. She is happy and exciting for all that is ahead.
Summer Jay and her scouts group completed very extreme challenge. They got silver. They did an amazing work considered weather and that they had few younger scouts and new one.


At the weekend she also went to disco…disco was faraway… I afraid that she will come back after few drinks…this is that age… but I’m so proud of her… she enjoyed and had fun without alcohol. Well done Jay!!!
I go to bed now, will come back tomorrow. See what another day will bring.
Love Kay ❤   xx

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