Sunday fun

Dear Diary,

My favorite word to start is “So” or “Well” but today I’m going to start from…

Sunday… it’s long time since last touch with you dairy!!!
Very early morning…

I’m on the way to Dublin. I’m in company of May, Jay and her friend. Girls going shopping… I’m going to have great relaxing day.

I’m not to push to buy stuff but I’m surly not going to say no to bargains.
This evening on my way home I’m going to share few things from past few weeks. I have been busy with work so I didn’t have time for sitting down and reflect on things. In a way I have to say I was on autopilot but I’m off it again.
Today is going to be a fantastic day.
I was up at 5.30 this morning. I had shower and got my hair done, make up looks good and surly my usual thing… painting my nails in the car on the way out … but I always feel more dressed when I’m doll up 😁 This is my thing. Girls are sleeping at the back. They looking very pretty. Make up and whole lot done. They were so exciting for that trip.
I can’t wait to get out of the car and get hot chocolate. Starbucks will be the place to go.

Chocolate so yummy… no regrets hahaha 🙂

Chat to you later!! Happy Sunday!
Love Kay ❤ xx

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