I’m back 


Dear Diary,


Dear Dairy,

Great weekend…
Finally got to sit down and relax. Got to put few words together.
Yesterday I finished earlier than usual… happy days, Not too often I have that opportunity.
I was going to write something yesterday and I fell asleep before I realised. I slept for over 12 hours. I felt great this morning.

I had to work today. I don’t work Sunday’s but this girl couldn’t come another day.
After I finished we went to our friends for dinner.

Their new home is stunning. View this evening.

Food looked delish, all food “me friendly” Salad, avocado, eggs, beetroot. My favorite falafels and a lot of others things.

We got great news that friends will have a baby. Can’t wait for this event.

We know Mi for few years. Mi is one of first people who make us feel homely in this country. She make special moments even more special. She knew what can make us happy without telling her. She is very magical. Mi did send letter to Jay pretending it was from Santa. I wouldn’t have thought that. Another year she send her Xmas story… of course from Santa. In the story there was all Jay friends and looked like Santa knew all. Mi is the one in million.

Mi and her husband moved to their own house last March. We miss them.
This Xmas was busy as Jay had Pantomime Show for full week of Xmas. We never had chance to call in to Mi.
Until today I didn’t realised that I miss her around… but I’m happy for her that she has fab house and lovely husband and baby on the way. So happy for them.
I’m going to bed now and looking forward to tomorrow. Day off.

Dog walking, book reading, relaxing.
Love Kay ❤ xx

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