Monday Family Day 

Dear Diary,

Left home as planed. Very early morning.

Got to Dublin just about time. Went to ambassy. Suprisingly all went quick and smooth.
Surly where me and Jay went after… shopping. We spend few hours in the shops. I got few bargains. Can’t belive that I only spend 34e. That’s extremely good knowing me…
On the way home we pop out to Outlet. May want to buy some running gear. Of course I seen nice handbags… but I stoped myself from buying them. I got small Guess one for my friend as a present.
We left the place and then I start saying that I seen lovely handbag in Guess too but I didn’t won’t to spend any more money… then Jay said that she is going to buy one for me. I couldn’t belive it.

So there you go. I have one now.

She worked over the Xmas. And her pay day was on Friday pm she treated me and May. She got us few things.
She is so mature girl. Love her to bits.

I don’t see life without her.
I am starting gratitude/positive thoughts box on Wednesday. I was planing to do that from New Year but totally went out of my head. I’m going to write every eve what I’m thankful for and will open that box on New Year Day 🙂
Tomorrow I’m starting again 30min exercise and light diet. I’m so determined this time. I have goal. Holiday… once I will loose few pounds for holiday then I will be able to keep them off.

I’m going to bed now. I found this quote in Google. Love it.

Chat to you tomorrow.
Love Kay ❤ xx

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