Start to happen

Dear Diary,

It’s Saturday evening… Finally I’m sitting down and relaxing. This week wasn’t too busy at work but I was all over the place. Just today start feeling better again. Last few weeks May wasn’t too well.

I miss him when he goes to his own zone. I get worried about him which doesn’t help me. I get upset stomach, I don’t eat healthy then I eat comfort food… I don’t like doing this but what’s the way I am… that’s the way I always was. I try hard to change my habits but at times is so hard.

Good news… Holiday next week 🙂 can’t wait now. May is getting exciting so his mood lifts.
Me and May had nice Valentine’s Day. We went to Spa. May’s first time in Spa. He really enjoyed it. We had private room with sauna and different type of showers. Glass of Presseco was nice surprise, then we went to Thermal Suite and relaxing room. It was so nice. We both loved it. We went also for lunch. For end of day we sat and watched all parts of Bridget Jones. Wow, that was lovely day!!!
Well… The most important thing… I got car sorted. Finally garage gave us a proper car… happy days!! The old car and all this situation make us all very stressed. It’s over now!!!!

This week going to be busy at work but all I think of is holiday. I need to make agenda what we going to do on holidays. Def will relax and walk, walk, walk, read and have fun 🙂

I’m so tired this evening. Going to bed now.
Love Kay ❤ xx

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