Boss of happiness


Dear Diary,

Today I’m boss of my own happiness!  I wasn’t in touch for a while…work…work…work!!

When I was on holiday I made lot of plans and projects and all done now!!

I’m proud of myself but I’m even more proud of May. He did most of the hard work. I decorated my hair salon, He tidy up garden after winter but most important he organized new car. On holidays we where talking about changing our current car…we had lots of difficult times with blue Ford Focus we bought last year… after all drama we went through we got black Ford but sadly none of us liked it!! So plan was to pay off and sell it!! Surly… plans were made for next year…now…less then two months later… May is driving our new four wheels! He look like he love the car…and he look very proud of himself. Well done May!!

I’m so proud of him … he looked for car, he made deal, he organised paper work! First time I had nothing to do with it…great feeling! First time since we got married I feel wonderful and well looked after, feeling like Lady!! I had no stress attached to it and I am so impressed how he dealt with it.

He can if he wants! He can if he cares!

We were married 18years last weekend and only now he prove me that he can look after his family…his women if really wants to!!

I noticed that once we are aware of what’s going on with us and in our heads we can control all rest of it and live great and successful life!!

Love Kay ❤️

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