Let go 


Dear Diary,

I woke up very early today. Every so often I have pains in my lower back. Few weeks ago I went to Ostopath and he explain that all this comes from my hips after accident.
Two years ago we went for spin to Dublin and this all happen…
May was driving. It was nice summer morning we were as far as Roscomon and before we even knew we went on the side then bounced to other side, then wall pushed us to driving position again. For me all this sound to be happening for long time but that was only split sec. Poor dogs got shocked one of them run away I had to go and get him. I didn’t realise that our accident was that serious. No one eles was involed.

Only when van came after us and called Police and asked us if we want ambulance then that hit me. We all were alright. No scratch on us but car was right off. That day I was happy that we were fine but even now that’s still sounds unreal. We had no speed, road was straight… What went wrong… We will never know. I tried to forget but couldn’t. Now when I went for physio I decide that I need to let it go. I don’t want my emotions to dictate my body what to do. I realised that all this thoughts were all a long stopping me from me fully being happy. I play game with myself saying that I’m ok but I wasn’t. I was thinking what if…Why… But now with new car all this went slowly away.

Today is Sunday… Usually my day off but month of May is busy, there is a lot of Communion’s and Conformation’s so work come first

After I finished work we went to Galway for spin. Jay want to get few bits but I’m the one who actally got few things . We had great afternoon. All my shopping done in Penney’s. Cost me less 50€.

Home now, see what has to be done.I have to definitly iron, maybe tidy garden and prep food for tomorrow.
I like to get facial done and pedicure.

Bread is done.

I decide to pull out stew from freezer for tomorrow lunch, nice and easy.

I had my feet in the Foot Spa and I put nourished cream and nice fluffy socks.Also have mask on my face. I Feel very pampered today so no ironing for me today. I do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.

I was really good today with my food. I had smoothie for breakie then lunch time my family had quick lunch in Chopsticks and I had almond bar and lots of water.

I wasn’t hungry at all so didn’t push myself to eat. Weekends for us are usually on the road so not too healthy cooking but today was different. I’m so happy with myself.
May’s birthday tomorrow… I don’t have anything organized yet. I will have to improvise this evening.
Going to get shower and get to my nice bed. We got new lights Philips Livingcolors Micro I really like then as they change colour. There is yellowish colour… Its great when I read, my eyes not as tired.

Chat to you soon
Love Kay ❤️ Xx

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