Happy girl…that’s me today


Dear Diary,

Late evening.

I’m sitting and meant to watch TV but I’m not tuned in… I’m tired but also happy that I could work for two full days and not expirience pain in my hand. For sure injection has helped so much.

I still have pain in my joints and muscles but hopefully soon I will be able to sort this out. I’m a little annoying that I can’t really do simple things like walking or exercises. One day went for a walk with May and dogs…after few minutes I start feeling very tired and dizzy so May said to go back. I was mad with myself… I was mad that I couldn’t do it!!

I wish I was able to do things but on the other hand I’m oki. I don’t have cancer and that’s all that matters.

For the last few weeks I have been so good with my eating habbits. I feel good but that all down to my friend K who give me homeopathy remedies. They help me to look at a diferent angle. They also help to maintain my pain. My own doctor offer me painkillers and even relaxer tablets but I refuse them.That’s not an option for now. I will keep this option if there is nothing eles left.

Coming back to work. This weekend I felt like I was doing my job for the first time ever. So excited. All my styles were so perfect. There was no rush. I took my time and I also had few planed breaks for my food and drink (selfcare) I was so proud of myself.

This days May is in good mood. I think that this help me to be more relaxed too. We had few chats and we be came closer but with us it is like with bumerang… goes and comes back!!  It’s hard for stability.

Aww,  by the way… last Wednesday I went to Carrier Adviser. I’m considering  an option of change work path. If this pain and aches last…I will have to do it for my own sake but for now at the minute I’m very confused.

I go to bed now. Getting tired.

Love Kay ❤️ Xx

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