Hot Day 


Dear Diary,

May is in the shower, dogs are in my bed and all I can say… I had fantastic day!!

Sun make us tan, sun make us warm but mainly sun make us happy!  I’m happy today, I’m thankful for today!! I hope for another beatiful day again.

I had to work today but still got some time in between to sit out. Had time for reflection and had time to spend few hours with family. I talk to Jay and listened to old songs. Had BBQ and lovely dessert and we watched very old film. Wow I laughed a lot. I didn’t feel like that in milion ages. What a great feeling.

Happiness is in Us… We just need to find what make us happy. I know what makes me happy… Giving love and been loved. I will do more what makes me happy and I won’t look at others. Theirs opinion is theirs not mine. I found this poem and it is bloody right 🙂

I’m going to bed now. May is snoring away.

Good nite.

Love Kay ❤️ Xx

2 thoughts on “Hot Day 

    1. Thank you for visiting my side and I hope you enjoy reading. I took break for few mouths but I will have new post soon so keep watching 😊


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