Busy doing nothing


Dear Diary,

Wow… What a day! I left home at 8.15am and I’m just back now 10.45pm.

I had a lot of driving. I pamper myself all day long. I have never done that before.

In the morning went to Ostopath to get my back fixed. From there I went to get my face thread. Wow.. It was sore but I got instant face lift hahaha. After that I decide to ring my friend and ask her if I can get hair done… and she said yes!

I went to get shellac done and pedicure. And finally also my haircut. I’m so happy that I done all this to myself. I felt guilty but its oki to do that every so often.

After May and Jay work we went to met for first time ever our friend baby.

I couldn’t get over how cute and handsome boy he is!

I tell you more about it again! I’m going to bed now! I’m so tired!

Doing basically nothing could be more tiring then 12h work and for me in both cases satisfaction is the same!

Love Kay ❤️ Xx

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