Girly time



Dear Diary,

Holiday time again… I know hard to belive. I came back last week from Canaries and now going to Poland.
Last holiday was family holiday. I had break but didn’t really clear my head. I’m worrying about May. He is not himself. I think he is worrying about new job and depression hits him even more then. I’m talking to him and he does not hear me. He is absent. God help him. I can’t even image what he must go through. What is going on in his head!!
How can I help?! I’m patient but sometimes surly I loose it… I wish he make up his mind and went for therapy. We both could go if that would make a difference for him… for us…for family.
Well… I made move anyway. I apply to University for another course.


And would love to get more knowledge and experience how to deal with mental health and other life dilemma.
I hope to get it! For now I’m not thinking about that. I so excited for mine and Jay’s holiday. Jay planed and paid this trip. She really wanted to go to Warsaw to search Universities for herself. Yes, she will go to college in two years. Hard to belive it!

In mean time I got news about my godfather been very ill so we hope to do some tours and some visiting. Lots of plans and only three days. Time will show what can we do.

Starting from begining. Before I go anywhere I always have to work so much… Fit a lot of clients. I have done that. Finished work, pack bags and went. May droped us to nearest bus station and we took bus to Dublin airport. It looked like all will go smooth. Smooth and I … No… No… No. Nothing never is smooth for me. I’m not saying that I don’t get what I won’t or what I aim for but there is always story attached to it.
Went through Dublin security and had about two hours waiting. I was so tired after full day of work and never slept a minute. I slept in the plane to London. 40 min not too long but better then nothing. Hop out in London and had to go through Stansted airport. I had nothing to worry about it as I have done that in Dublin. What a surprise… Jay got stoped and has been checked. I noticed that one of my bags got held. Oh I though… Its only routine check. No it wasn’t!! They checked everyting including me. They searched all my products for radioactive substance. I couldn’t believe that is happening. So much stress. Worry and mess. They looked at me as I was a terrorist. I told them to dump all my stuff but surly they had to find what was active. Finally they said that was my hair piroxide react with squige. Because they had to go through all procedure they also had to take me for personal search. I was stressed but oki as I know that I didn’t do anything wrong! All I was worried was to get on time to Warsaw plane. We made it… Last minute but we made it!
I sat down, got some food and went to sleep.

I was so happy to do something different then always!

Adventure began!

Love Kay ❤️ Xx

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