What’s new with you? How is things, how are you feeling?


Sweet Pie

Dear Diary,


Hey, hey I finally sat down and I have a moment to reply Sweet Pie!

What’s up? Do you work these days? How is your health?

There is a lot going on in my life and it is difficult to describe in two sentences but I will try😂🙈

In general, the mourning is finally over. My mourning began last year in August, when we split up with May. Then there were other mournings on the way, my dear Uncle past away. Mum’s sickness kept me on my toes till she was ready to go and finally she went and gone.

Hmmm… I had to get on with life and put head down for now, working and try everyday to pass by.

Back in June high school exams for Jay were on my mind, selling home and losing my job in favour of going to University were my last but not least things on the list.

All this happened in one year. The best Year of my life but how full of difficult challenges to over come at once!

Well, someone will say …. But did you want it to change yourself …. and yes to that…. I wanted change so much.

And yes, I’m here, I’m still, I’m calm, I am me, learning patiently that life is intentionally created for me.

I am happy that I have experienced these various situations and that each of them is valuable to me, above all that I wouldn’t change anything even if I could!

My last year’s and this year’s birthdays were different than those you can imagine but the most beautiful experience I ever had. Wishes came true and stars on the sky where bright and high.

What we want is not difficult to achieve but only if we really want and we’re ready for change to come.

New things come up to us all the time, it is the magic… Just to look aroud and inside ourselves and discover what is unknown! That’s the magic itself! This is the secret of my happiness, joy, beauty but, above all finding the love for yourself and then for others makes it so special then!

I wrote more then two lines as always…

Sweet Pie I wanted to thank you because thanks to you I found a way to be back and writing again!

I haven’t visited my own blog for almost a year because I had no strength, no will but mainly I was afraid to face my feelings! Now, as I write to you, the only feeling I have is joy and excitement that I can and I am ready to put myself up there!

Thank you for remember about me! Thank you for encouraging me to start my blog in first place and for the fact that today your happy face full of smiles is shown to me here right now!

Ps. Send me some of your photos please write whats new with you!

I know that life is not always colorful but black and white color is not bad at all! It depends on how we look at life, if we turn our heads or change our position, let’s see a whole new perspective.

I wrote this while back and can share that now..

I have the choice!!!

Yesterday’s perspective has a different meaning today.

Looking from one point or same view

I see what I want to see or what I have at that very moment.

By changing the position, place or way of thinking, the world around looks really different than what I imagined before. If I can master this the possibilities are limitless!

Open the window wide and enjoy what you see at this moment and time because there is always a reason for new opportunity to be happy!

Share your smile… Remember…. the smile is contagious!

I hug you, kiss you 😘🤗 And look forward to hearing from you 😍💞☀️🌈💫🦋 Xx

Love Kay ❤️ Xx

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