Every day is a gift!

Dear Diary,


Today is a gift, this is all I have. Life gets hard at times but surely I know why it was hard beause I let it get this way.

The minute I said that I’m the owner of my own life and I can do what I want to do things got much better. I will never have everything but I will have enough as much as I don’t let my thoughts get too daunting. Tomorrow can be whatever I want it to be. Tomorrow, I’ll see my face in the mirror and talk to it as if I was talking to my best friend free of judgement and past, just here and now with acceptence of this moment and time. A smile, a dogs bark, glare of sunshine or hug from someone that is near by. Those and more I took for granted …. So no more! I’ll enjoy every little moment and I’ll make sure I don’t forget to do that when life is changing and the minute is back to normal! What about you?

Another Year passed by. Another birthday and another wish.

Last Year went and gone so fast but if I have to describe it in a few lines I would say that…..

“A house is made of brick and stone. A home is made of love alone.”

What can I say…

Last October I moved to “new” old house where I began fresh start full of suprise.

I have to give thanks to our friends for all the help I got moving once and moving again. In a length of 6 months I have changed 3 houses to finally set down and create one home!

In very short space of time I could feel that “Just Moving” it was an emotionally positive experience that wouldn’t happen without all your work my friends!!

Thanks again for all the help!!

And you all know who I’m talking about it!

All my love to you!

I mentioned that I went back to University now I’m studying University of Life!

I would never thought that my life will change so much again.

Well…. At that stage I have to accept and thank God for all I have and got.

I asked for things before and at times I got them and at times something else was given to me that I didn’t appreciate, but now I have accepted that. Whatever is given to me is a gift that I’m thankful for million times and celebrate in hundred different ways.

I got the best gift that I was looking for long enough.

Love… I found self love and that attracted some one that fell in love with me but mainly I fell in love with him!

But what is love is always good question?!

Love is not a word viewed through pink glasses. It’s not just kisses, dates or phisical touch. When I love, I take full responsibility for the other person. I must look after them as much as I do myself. It’s like bricks in the wall that no one can break. It’s to be the support that helps in all moments of life not only the best ones.

The moment two people decide to be together they must look deeper into their feelings and emotions.

It’s a bit like making a declaration, they start to be there for each other, “I am” for you and “your are” for me but we’re two individuals.

This is extremely important because problems can arise in every relationship at any stage. When the veil of the first infatuation disappears and the first trouble or disagreement gets in the way, then problems must want to be faced and solved together with full understanding and acceptance.

Love is the essence of our life, something that drives us, gives us happiness, emotions and beautiful memories.

Love is also a lot of sacrifices and the ability to compromise.

When love is there, we stop looking at the world only through the lens of our thoughts and needs, we see other peoples perspective and must always remember about the other person’s feelings and desires. We should always replace the word ‘I’ with “Us “

Two people must always try to be together and remember to live everyday life. Love is like small things that fill our lives every day, conversations, smiles, gestures, trust and loyalty, support and presence. It all adds up to confidence that TOGETHER we can handle everything.

So I introduce to you a Silver Fox who is my love.

Every one surely knows that “A silver fox is a slang term for an older man, generally with gray hair, who is considered attractive, charming, and classy aswell”

But that could be a term to be a young lad that is attractive, kind, happy and smart.

I could name lots more of his values but I will tell more about him later on.

Now I’m going to go for breakfast that Jay is just making.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Love Kay ❤️ xx

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