Kisses πŸ’‹


Dear Diary,

Dublin… Left home early as always going to Dublin. Plan for the day was… shopping but not me this time. Jay went shopping with her two pals. They going on school tour next month so she need few basics. But main reason was to pick up Jay’s passport. We got it. Sorted for 10 years now.

Surly I was not suppose to do shopping.. I had great day. May made sure that he give me his love today. I had a bit of sad moment earlier on the day as I still struggling with my weight so every so often get emotional about it. But surly he give me lots of kisses and hugs.

We looked like we only knew each other not to long… kisses were long and hot. I can’t belive I behaved like teenager… 😍

We on the way home.
I’m listening to my favorite music. Music is my best therapy. I hope there is no snow down home as we were leaving this morning ground was white.

I just realised that no one put heating on. We going to freeze. Ah well, we can put nice cozy Pj’s , hot tea and off to bed. My furry friends will make sure that I’m not too cold.

Going to put my phone down now because we getting to winding road and I will start getting sick. I will come back later.
Love Kay ❀ xx

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