Crazy time 


Dear Diary,
Crazy weeks… Work.. Work and only one day off for last few weeks. My day off was great. Jay went to get nails done and I went to Tesco to kill time.

I bought a lot of small things. I tested them. Some are really good others are just ok. I bought a bra that I never expected to get in Tesco. I also bought a Dove oil for 2.50 € worth 15 €, volumazing powder for hair also 2.50 € which normally costs around 10 € but I have to admit that the volumazer is not to good, too matt. Also kids detangling spray. So far Dove oil is fab.…even May comment on it, he said that it felt smooth and not oily. Jay’s nails are lovely. I made myself a little jealous so I asked one of my friends to do the nails too, she did a really great job and they still on two weeks later… So surprised 😊 Usually even acrylic nails go fast.

This weekend is Bank holiday weekend I had to work so hard. I was so tired… Jay did well helping me out. May went to Cracow to do marathon but thankfully Jay was home this weekend if that was last weekend I would be in trouble but she went last Sunday. She had great fun. I am happy for her but how bad is that I didn’t have proper catch up with her yet as this week I have a lot of work as long weekend… but I like those days. I am more energetic and creative

I decided to go few times for a walk and everytime I went I got so wet..
I’m up and down with my healty living!! We’ll see what happens this week when I’m quieter at work.
May came back last night we had great catch up. We decide to stay in Dublin for the night. We took our doggies. They were so excited.

Surly we couldn’t come back home in the morning 😊 Jay ask us can we go to Belfast as she want to buy shoe but none of the shops in our way had them. To make the story short.. Yes she got them. Happy girl! Belfast is nice city, remind me a bit of Cracow. We had nice evening travelling home.Roads were quiet.

It’s Tuesday morning…time to go back to reality!!Time for new great week

Love Kay ❤️ Xx

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