Dear Diary,

Has been awhile since last time.

I’m not sure if I was too lazy to sit and put few words together or there was too much going on and my head couldn’t fit it all.
A lot happened since.
I have been busy lady hahaha
I worked a lot.
I went on holidays.
I try to solved problems.

But from beginning…
Work… work… work this is what I love so much. This is some of my work do’s

My job is almost everything for me of course part of my family. My job is very magical. I like to be creative and do beautiful styles but sometimes I have feeling that I’m not confident  enough to sell myself to others. I’m too shy even though I’m not shy. Hard to explain.
Surly I don’t belive in myself .. that’s all. There was no one in my life who belive in me… Who empowered and encourage me.

I was the one who self talk…I had conversation going on in my head hahaha and not only that…

Mainly I would listen and  help others  if they had self doubts. I hope that I directed people in right way.

I’m in bed right now…I had massive headache all day long and after all had massive meal… feeling kind of guilty..
I keep saying I go on the diet I will do something but I’m too busy but firstly I’m looking for excuses that’s all.

I was off for two days of Easter  but I think I need few more day after so much of work.
I’m off tomorrow so will try to charge my batteries and relax. Maybe nice bath and nails painted.
Jay is going to get her nails done so I can go for a walk get.. some fresh air and set up my head.
At the weekend Jay is going on her school tour, she is so excited. I’m going to miss her. When she comes back May is going to Cracow to run marathon. He is exciting but nervous too. I know he will do well… As always.

I will be working as always 🙂 I never stop. I’m afraid to stop. I don’t like to get bored.
I forgot to mention that old car is gone… so all old problems disappeared. Now we have a new lovely car… love driving it 🙂
We also went on holidays 🙂 best time ever… sunshine, wind and very peaceful location. Just perfect for me. But I can’t belive that was two months ago. I wish I had another break like that soon.
I think I’m getting older… hahaha I’m more often looking for breaks. Finally I  went back to my activities… Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I go for cardio classes. I have to miss it this week but I’m in for next week. Next week also starting yoga.. really looking forward to it.
All is good… if I only could loose some weight that would be fantastic. It will happen but I need time and patience. I have time but not sure about patience.
I will do reports on my food and I may see where I make mistekes.
I follow now lovely lady who had great tips so I will do her 5 day challenge and see what will happened.
I will be taking pictures and notes so that should be helpful. Years ago I didn’t need to do anything like that… I had more motivation… Will power… and now I think I’m too lazy… but I will change that.
Do I belive in that… Yes I do.

Let’s go… I tried so many times and I failed but not this time. I can and I will do.
I want to be happy for myself not for anyone else.

So…see what the next day brings.
Nite, nite.
Love Kay ❤ xx

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