Good thoughts


Dear Diary,

I really don’t know where to start. Loads of things has happened since the last time.
Last Sunday I had planed to sit down write finally story of my life. Didn’t happened.. Well, I wake up in very bad humor.. Must be build up of tiredness from last few days.
I spend all day in my Pj’s. My hair was a mess. I should really get up, get showered, that would set my day different way, but I didn’t. I know for again.
Never mind Sunday wasn’t the best day for all my family. You could feel heavy air, even poor dogs kept quiet..
I was glad  to go to bed again. Sunday was over. I thought ” tomorrow is a new  day” hope for a nice day..


Monday came… I like Monday’s. That’s usually my day off but for now I’m off anyway. Jay and May went to school and work. I was happy to have few hours for myself. My plan…books…books…That’s what I missed for the last few days. Well did I read even one paragraph.. no. Why?
I was just about to sit and read, then phone rang…Jay… I got a fright… She finished first exam on that day, one more to go…Jay couldn’t speak. Her voice was gone .

Didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t drive due to my surgery. May was at work.

I couldn’t think… not like me.. ; (
Eventually Jay decides to stay for second exam.. I was relieved.  She came home so exhausted.
We had visitors. My godchild Boo came over to visit… He is a cute boy… He is six. I  will talk about him later. I made yummy mushroom burgers. I was so surprised that Boo eats  them without one complain but I threat   him that he won’t play xbox. I  don’t usually do that, but I was so tired…Oh no not again.. I don’t like to be tired.
I noticed the more I sit at home that more tired I  feel. Well, fresh air is good for you. That’s what they say.
Jay went to bed complaining about headaches. I was hoping that after a good night sleep she gets up more fresh and relaxed.
Monday night was a long night.. Boo couldn’t sleep. He kept awake most of night. I felt like I had small child in the house again. He got up early in the morning.. very fresh looking.. Full of beans.. hahaha.
I was wrecked..


Boo jumped all around the place.. I thought..” I wish I was him, I wish I had as much energy..” normally I can’t complain I’m full of good energy but I feel like I need it to charge my batteries right now. There is a lot going on at the minute.
I love when my life is busy  but that is way over my expectations. I don’t like things to be all over the place. Anyway.. All my three buddies  went and came.. I don’t know where this few hours went.. but I suppose I’d clean, cook so time goes so fast.
When I saw Jay in the house door, I got pale… she looked so sick.. I didn’t realizad that she was so sick.. she went to bed.. I rang my friend K looking for homopatic remedies.. I got sorted.. That’s what I thought at the time..
I gave  it to her.. nothing.. no improvement..  hmm.. Didn’t have any other tablets at home. We don’t use tables. I truly belive in natural remedies. That helps me when nothing else was working.
I try to cheer her up.. I made lovely cakes from my dear Sweetie Pie recipe. Jay didn’t even touch them.. she got really upset stomach for the end and went to bed.
I sat at the end of her bed for a few minutes till she went of to sleep.


Wednesday morning drama.. Jay get up.. if you can call that this way..
She was half dead.. no voice.. no energy and two exams to complete. My head was spinning…think…think… what to do!!! What to do…
Next thing…I remembered… I got antibiotic from doctor few months ago but surly I didn’t take them. I thought.. ” this is it… she need them…” I will give it to her. I also made sage tea for her and we went to pharmacy and got throat spray, she was well set. I made sure that she would be well able to finished her exams. I know how important that is for her. She want to be Vet for now but things might change.
I told her at the start of the exams that it is ok and not to worry…but she is to ambitious.
Off she went…
Until her first break I barely  could breath. When she rang me and she was acting so hyper I know that was worth in at the end.
Then I thought… I need to do now something for myself… I wanted to do some changes on my writing page. Nothing was right, so I send few emails looking for help. What a surprise.. I got a reply right away. I know that’s sound mad but where I live things take time. Relax is not right word.
I was so happy…
So Wednesday was a great day…


I went to bed in great humor and wake up in amazing one. Small thing can make you life very happy and very special. Sometimes we don’t realise that some little word said to someone can make massive difference.
So I get up from my cozy bed. Before my surgery I got a new duvet cover and few cute cushions so when I make bed I put them on. They grey loveheart, rose gold square.. nude square and little one with some writing on it. I need to check what it is say .. actually.
I went straight from bedroom to the car, still in my  Pj’s. Today I had to drop them  to school and work, finally can drive…
Jay was finishing early as she only had one exam. I promised to pick her up. She had visitors this afternoon.
Soon as May finished his work we hit  the road to nearest bigger City… had a mission to do… we had to get wash machine. We got it. Of course me and Jay couldn’t miss a great chance to look around shops but that was quick one as we had about an hour to travel home. I got wash machine and got another cute rose gold star shape cushion, happy days.


This picture above show how fabulous evening we got. Weather  has been great. I did this picture from the car on the way down.
I felt great and relived as we got what we need.  Would you believe that we didn’t have it for two weeks. I don’t know how people can live without simple things like that. For me this is almost impossible 🤣
Today was great day.. That’s what I like the best.
By the way someone makes me smile today and I want to thank you for that so I’m smiling back. 😆


I’m going to bed and I’m hoping for another beautiful day..

Love Kay ❤ xx

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