How was my week?


Dear Diary,

I started last Monday my new resolution.
I was excited and I still am.
I started a food dairy, I did that before but to be honest I lie to myself. Now I don’t want to do that any more.
Monday was great day.. I was feeling sick.. I think because of sick dogs on Sunday. I finished painting wall in my garden.. May painted our garden gate… guess what color is it?… It’s pink.

For the last few days everyone’s coming told me that the garden is looking lovely and it’s not finished yet. I’m so delighted. Most people think that pink make them smile and for sure that’s what I want!
Monday night went to bed with a bit of headache, not sure why I got headache.. could be from detoxing or painting.

Tuesday morning I got up with a massive headache and still very nauseous. I had to work but I had only one girl. I colored her hair. She was so nice, we talk about garden ideas, both of us love Pinterest.After she left I got changed to vest top and put factor 50 on my skin( I will tell you sometime later why I need to do that) and we went off to garden.

Jay prep nice orange cocktails and some fruits. We had relaxing afternoon.. nearly forgot to pick up May from work. That evening we had barbecue with some veggies and veg burgers. I love it!
Me and May sat for long time at the swing and talk… We didn’t do that for years. That’s was nice feeling… be able to do it again.

Wednesday morning I decide to join Slimming World. I want to make sure that I can loose weight and someone can guide me.
I met few nice ladies and we all have the same goal 🙂

Thursday I went on autopilot. I did everything without paying attention to it.
I was good eating health but I had feeling that I was missing something . Didn’t know yet what?

Friday, busy day at work. I did few up styles and colours.

I love my work but that day I felt tired.. but I had reasons for it. Whole our family had wallpaper fireplace till late hours on Thursday night.

I thought that wallpaper me and Jay picked will be easy to put on (no too much matching) but surly reality had been different… no easy way for me.
This is my new wallpaper ?

Saturday another busy day by myself. Jay went camping with scouts and May went to work. I manged well. May came for lunch and did nice green salad with salmon. I appreciated that so much.
When I finished work, went to town. Went shopping for my living room, new wallpaper needed nice new cousins. I got them. When I put them on my couch the room got nice finish. Me and May tidy up home. Two of us had nice relaxing weekend after all. I would say..” This weekend was very special for both.. very unique.. ” I hope May thinks that too 😍

Sunday, we start with nice breakfast. I did banana pancakes… yummy. Rest of Sunday we spend watching and resting in lovely atmosphere.

Love Kay ❤ xx

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