All kinds of colours…Optymist…


Dear Diary,

All week flew. I was busy at work. Everyone is looking for colours and up styles.

Now… Spring is coming… daffodils are in the shops so getting more colorful around.
Even May went to the garden and tidy up there.
I can’t wait for long evenings… sitting outside… if it’s dry hahaha.
I had nice relaxing day.
Jay just came back from her scout adventure. She is sleeping… I’m sure all weekend scouts didn’t sleep a wing ?
This morning I made cake for Jay. I think is nice come home where something nice waiting for you. Surly I had small bit too with my protein coffee… pretended one as I don’t drink caffeine 😉 ( this was Chicory Instant Drink by Nestle and IQ Slim Protein Powder.
By the way cake I made is from girl call The Little Green Spoon. She has lots of nice recipes. A lot of them gluten free, vegan, dairy free, nutrient-rich, with many paleo options. She is nice enthusiastic girl.
I made scrub for myself. I add in it brown sugar, cinnamon and coconut oil. Went for shower. Well, skin after feels incredible… soft, smooth and smell great.
After that I did my make up regime. Lately I start using Dr.Organic Snail Gel facial serum. I know sound wired 🙂 I like it so much, make my skin smooth and soft but not oily.
I decide to try new fundation from L’Oréal … well I heard few bloggers raving about it. No…no… no… not for my skin. Looks very drying and unhealthy. Thank God I didn’t need to go anywhere.

This evening I’m going to use same as everyday…day and night ritual with my Clinique products but I will also try mask from Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask.
I love to have bath and catch up on Snapchats as tomorrow I will be on the road all day. I baked bread for tomorrow so will try to stay away from fast foods… hopefully. It’s gluten free from Odlums.

We all going to Dublin as Jay need new passport.
Yip, I know trip to Dublin sound like shopping too but no I will try to stay away of the shops as we have holiday plans for end of next month. Very exciting times ahead.

Well I need to go and sort my car first. We bought car last February and this car broke my heart. It was in the garage more then I drove. No luck with it. Last Friday went to solicitor for legal advise then I talk to garage but they were too busy so I have to go back to them on Tuesday. I’m driving their car at the moment.

Me and May fell out about this. But in fairness he is having dark clouds days and I have to understand it. This is continue since before Xmas. I ask him to go back to doctor but had no luck till last day.I reckons that he see everything in black colours. He is on the bus where one side is sunny and other side rainy… at the minute he is on the rainy side. I hope not for long.
I got my bath. Feeling fresh and relaxed.

Snaps all done and now I’m in bed with very optimistic book.

Love Kay ❤ xx

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