100K… Hundred ways


Dear Diary,

It’s early morning. I’m in bed, having a reflection moment. I should be reading and doing homework for my course but my head is full of thoughts, so once I leave them here I will be able to focus again. May run 100km yesterday. Yes, I know mad but an amazing idea.

I was so nervoυs all week for him, on top of my own little worries about few coming up events but from the start…

May and his running Buddy went camping Friday evening. May as always before big evens has his moments, we nearly fell out… He was nervoυs and me too. Two of us stressed don’t go well. So, off he went.

Me and Jay were joining them Saturday afternoon.

Wow, I can’t get over how nervoυs I was for him, I even ask Jay to sleep with me. I needed someone close to me. Night flew, I rang May, he wasn’t sure if he slept well… Surly he didn’t… I remember his 50k run, same story!

Saturday 7am, off he went!

I know that sound ridiculous as I really like his running Buddy but I didn’t want them to run together on this day! I will explain that later.

They met for first time at 50k run two years ago and they run ever since. May was companion to his Buddy when he was doing 100k last year. Well, this lad is strong, fast and focus which is super, I’m so happy that May got to know him and I tell you something, this is funny story all together….

Two year ago May went outside of our tent where we slept before his race. I heard him talking to someone out there! I heard very posh English accent, I said oki, someone is running aswell but May came back and said “I met lad from our town” and me… half sleeping “Who is it? Do we know him?” May said “This lad is English and he is running 50k like me” Great I thouht but wait a minute…. English from our town… Can not be right!

That day they finished diferent times, surly that made no diference to them. They met so often since and done training and races together but as I hinted earlier he is strong, done his training for years and completed many races were May only stated his running journey.

Knowing May from past experiences surly I thouht that he will want to keep up with his running Buddy and I got scared. Scared that something will happend to him, that he won’t finish his race and that will trigger bad mood. I worried and worried and surly there was no point to worry. May done what he planed and promise me! He sticked to his plan. His plan to go easy and finish near to 12h. I’m so happy and proud of him. He done it!

When we were on the way to forest where they were running ,May rang and told us sad news that his running Buddy had to stop his run. Mine and Jay entire reaction was “Oh no, is he ok? What happend? ” but May didn’t want to say! I was worried again. We got there after we got lost… the bloody Sat Nav… Actally we didn’t got lost as scouts always say “We didn’t get lost, we’re exploring”

Surly I should listen to my instinct but when I’m worried it’s hard to be in present moment. I know that well and try not to worry!

It took us forever to get there, I got sick… my virtigo got triggered by very narrow and windy roads we had to take due to being lost on the road.

Not to complain, we got there, May was already tired but great form his running friend was sitting there. I didn’t know what to say, I just hug him. May went running and we all sat and talk. I’m not going to go deep to his personal story but few weeks ago he got injury and that injury stoped him from completing the race. I heard him talking with reflection and making plans, I was so honored to hear all this.

Weather was fantastic, sun was so high up but not too convenient for runners. Too hot, I often heard.

I went for a walk and Oh God, it was hot!

May finished very strong with big smile and near to his planed time! So happy for him and sad for his running Buddy. That’s life! No one got hurt and tomorrow is always another day! Get up, move on and get on with new challenge called life.

Love Kay ❤️ Xx

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